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Each week, Ivy Creek Family Farm harvests fresh, organically grown vegetables from our fields. Now, you can order our harvests online! During winter months, we offer a farm pick up on Thursdays from 3-7pm. We update the store late Monday night so that customers can order all day on Tuesdays.

In the past, we have sold most of our produce to restaurants and at tailgate markets. Those sales have diminished significantly. We have created an online ordering system in hopes of keeping our farm alive while putting the best produce available on the plates of our community members. Please consider ordering fresh vegetables from us. The more steady customers we have, the more we can predict sales and harvesting and the more sustained the farm will be. Please know we are exercising every caution possible to ensure the food safety of our produce.

Our Team

Ivy Creek Family

Abe Littman

Tractor Driver, Mechanic, and All Around Helper

Leah Littman

Goat and chicken supervisor

Anna Littman

Farmer, Event Coordinator & Farm Owner.

Paul Littman

Farmer, Market Lead, and Farm Owner.
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Ivy Creek Family Farm

Ivy Creek Employment

Join Our Team

Assistant Farmers

Ivy Creek Family Farm seeks two assistant farmers to join our 2021 team. Applicants should have experience working long hours outdoors or experience in farming. Compensation and job description dependent on experience, ranging from $800-$1,800/month. Assistant farmers will participate in all aspects of the farm and have opportunities to take on leadership roles. To apply, email a resume to Positions start in March.

It Takes a Village

At Ivy Creek volunteers are an important part of the farm. Volunteers bring their interests, enthusiasm, and skills to the team. We welcome community volunteers on a weekly basis, usually on Thursdays. They do everything from seeding in the propagation house to harvesting in the field. We send them volunteers home with loads of gratitude and with boxes of produce.

Fresh From Our Fields

The 2021 CSA is sold out for the 2021 season. Please contact us to be added to the waitlist for 2022.

Featured Partners

Local Chefs

Executive Chef, The Omni Grove Park Inn

Richard Gras

“I have great respect and admiration for Ivy Creek Family Farm. They have helped me deliver a product to my guests that is unmatched in quality and flavor.”

Executive Chef and CEO, Katie Button Restaurants

Katie Button

“The Ivy Creek Family Farm team is exemplary in their farming practices, ethos and leadership abilities within our community, setting new standards in how relationships are built between the farming community and our local dining establishments.”

Chef and owner of Plant Restaurant

Jason Sellers

Jason and Plant restaurant have been featuring Ivy Creek produce on their menu since the farm's beginnings. Jason orders from Ivy Creek on a weekly basis and has baby asian greens, kale, baby romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, flowers, and more delivered straight to his kitchen.

Growing Practices

We grow our produce using sustainable and organic methods focusing on soil health. Building healthy soil is the foundation of organic farming and our food system. By utilizing compost, crop rotation, conscious tillage and ecologically minded approaches avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides we maintain an active and living soil that produces nutrient rich food.

farming practice for
Soil Health

Healthy soils are the foundation of organic farming and our food system. Our goal is to maintain an active and living soil, containing beneficial organisms below and above the ground that provide nutrients to plants and help mitigate pest and disease pressure. We feed our soils green manure from cover crops, organic feather meal, organic kelp meal, and dozens ofmicro-nutrients. Yearly soil samples are taken to help inform our organic amendment program and crop rotation strategy.

farming practice for
Crop Rotation

All crops are rotated on a three to five-year schedule. Rotating plant families, following heavy feeders with lite feeders helps maintain a well-balanced and healthy soil, limiting the amount of pest and disease pressure present.

farming practice for
Cover Cropping

Cover crops are planted yearly, in between seasonal cash crops, to sequester carbon and store it in the soil. Cover cropping also reduces erosion, helps control disease and pests, smothers weeds and increases biodiversity. Cover cropping is an organic alternative and resource conscience means of improving soil fertility and heath.

farming practice for
Organic Integrated Pest Management

We use a variety of organic methods to manage disease and pests, including beneficial insects, floating row cover, hoop houses, cover cropping and crop rotation. Maintaining healthy soils and proper crop rotation are integral preventative methods to help control disease and pests. We also utilize floating row covers to protect young transplants from pests, and we introduce beneficial insects that feed on the pests we hope to eliminate. When appropriate, we use preventative treatment of organic compounds to manage disease and pest challenges before bigger problems arise. Feel free to ask us any questions about the organic treatments and strategies we utilize on our crops.

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