Ivy Creek Family Farm

At Ivy Creek Family Farm we grow  vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, and flowers using sustainable practices, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We utilize crop rotation, cover cropping, composting, and other organic methods to produce high quality, seasonal produce.

Join our CSA today and enjoy the best of our farm all season. You can find us at the North Asheville Tailgate Market on Saturday mornings or at the Weaverville Tailgate Market on Wednesday afternoons and in many area restaurants and small grocery stores. We hope you will stop by the farm, visit us at market, or join our farm through our CSA Harvest Share program.

We invite all of our farm members and friends to join us for one or more of our volunteer days and farm supers throughout the growing season.

Hoping to work on a farm for the 2015 season? Be sure to check out our page on working at Ivy Creek! We’re currently accepting applications for the upcoming season!