Couples who choose to be married at Ivy Creek want their wedding to support a working farm. They want to bring their guests to a place with added meaning, authentic landscape, and memory-making views.

Ivy Creek’s wedding and event specialist, Anna Littman, brings 18 years of experience to couples hoping to be married on the farm. Anna specializes in helping couples create an event that is beautiful and memorable, but also stress-free. The mission of the venue is also to offer a space that is flexible and fits couple’s hopes and budget.

Ivy Creek’s event space includes a newly-built 1700 square foot covered space with a large main room open on two sides, a modern kitchen, and two ADA compliant bathrooms. Additionally, the building includes two small bedrooms, and a shower room. Couples can comfortably host events with 20 guests to 150 guests.

Outside, Ivy Creek offers a flat field for games and a tent next to the pavilion, a camping field, and a fire pit and stream for photography opportunities and mingling. Ceremony locations include a hill with farm and mountain views.

For an extra connection to the venue, couples and caterers are able to purchase produce and flowers from the farm. Your friends and family will fall in love with the history and scenic views of Ivy Creek Family Farm.

Day Rentals

Non-profit organizations, businesses, and artists often rent the Ivy Creek Pavilion for half-day or day long meetings, workshops, and retreats. Ivy Creek offers an authentic backdrop for these occasions with competitive rates. The pavilion is open for day rentals from April to September.

Farm Tours and Workshops

At Ivy Creek, we partner with teachers, extension agents, and non-profit professionals to deliver excellent field trips, workshops, and tours. University agriculture students help us inoculate our shiitake mushrooms in the fall and winter. Preschool students harvest greens and make smoothies. Graduate dietetic students sample vegetables from the fields and cook with them in our pavilion. Elementary age children plant seeds, explore soil, navigate the farm with custom-designed maps, play collaborative games, harvest, and cook. Chefs explore the farm with a knife, scissors and harvest basket. Painting groups capture the beauty of the views and blooms on canvas. Email us to set up a farm field trip during the months of March-October.