Work on the Farm


Aspiring farmers and people interested in local agriculture can join our team through our employment, intern, and volunteer programs. All of our farm workers learn about organic production of vegetables, fruits, flowers and shiitake mushrooms in a beautiful setting 25 minutes north of Asheville, NC. Our crew members are an integral part of greenhouse production, planting, field cultivation and weeding, harvesting, selling, and packaging products. They work with us in the field and on the farm, five full days a week and rotate selling with us at market on Saturdays. If  you are interested in joining our team, we encourage you to review the descriptions below and determine which of our positions is right for you.

Assistant Farmer

In 2015, we have one leadership position open for an assistant farmer who will assist with most aspects of farm management. Responsibilities include crew leadership, field and greenhouse production, and packing house organization.  The  assistant farmer will work closely with Anna andPaul to maintain crew morale and to encourage team success and performance. This is a five day a week position in the field, with additional market responsibilities every other Saturday. We ask that applicants for this position have at least two years of experience working on farms. Preferred skills for the position include effective communication, time management, field and greenhouse production, tractor experience, and a commitment to continued learning and to organic farming practices. Compensation includes a monthly stipend of $600-$1000 a month depending on experience, year-round employment if requested, and private accommodations in a one-bedroom, one bath cabin that includes a small kitchen, loft and sitting area.


Our full season apprentices are recent graduates, community members, and aspiring organic farmers who work five days a week in the field with monthly market responsibilities. They live in a renovated barn apartment on the farm which includes private bedrooms, a dining area and full kitchen. Compensation includes housing, lunch on work days, veggie seconds, and a $400 a month stipend. In the 2015 season, we have four full-season apprenticeships available. We typically ask that apprentices take on leadership roles and have previous experience with farming or serious gardening. Tasks on the farm are high-paced, long and often tedious. We ask that all applicants be interested in farming, have the ability to work consistently on repetitive tasks, be in good physical and mental shape, and enjoy physical labor. We hope that all apprentices and interns will be able to have fun, work well in teams and independently, and stay focused while working hard. Our goal is to provide apprentices with the experience and knowledge they need to start their own farming operation.


Each year, Ivy Creek Family Farm offers internships to college students and recent graduates. The interns work on the farm from mid May to the end of August or September five days a week. They live our renovated barn apartment, eat lunch provided by the farm on work days and receive veggie seconds for meals. In the 2015 season, we have two college internships available. We ask that interns arrive excited to work physically and to except to learn through working. We also share information about the planning we do to make our farm efficient and profitable, including seed calculation, basic accounting, equipment lists, cultivation tips, direct marketing, and more.

How to Apply to Join Our Team

Email us us a cover letter telling us about your interest in working on our farm, your strengths and goals, and your farming experience. Include your resume and two references and email the information to Anna and Paul Littman at